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WPF- Photography at the Zoo

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Washington Photo Focus Presents

Zoo 0625.jpg

Photography at the Zoo with Eliot Cohen

Join Eliot for an instructive and enjoyable morning with the animals at the National Zoo. Animal behaviors can be unpredictable and charming. With its range of creatures, the zoo is a great setting to learn how to photograph animals or to practice photography skills that have been previously introduced. With the animals as your subjects, you can refine techniques for sharpness and clarity. You will also learn to consider ways to handle movement with tracking focus and panning. SLR or Mirror-less cameras would be good for the class along with telephoto lenses (200mm or longer).

Complete Description

Location: National Zoo: 3001 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20008
Class Fee: $89.00

Class Schedule:

Saturday, April 11,  8:00AM-11:30AM

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