DC Digital Photography Workshop


One of most valuable assets in photography today is your digital files. In modern photography, negatives are replaced with digital files, film canisters are replaced by CF cards and storage is replaced by hard drives. Digital workflow is fast and flexible.
As a result, many photographers also shoot more. The problem is when hard drives die, hours, days, months or years of work can disappear in a flash.

Come and learn how to effectively protect and organize your digital assets in this seminar.

We will be covering the following:
·         Failure rates of hard drives demystified
·         How to anticipate problems in a digital workflow
·         Protected storage strategies
·         Understanding RAID (redundant array of independent disks) storage
·         Leveraging the Operating System such as Apple’s Mac OS X to protect your storage
·         See how a server such as Apple Mac mini or Mac Pro server can fit in your workflow
·         Backup strategies
·         Understanding onsite, near-site, offsite backups archive strategies
·         Understanding how to reduce your active storage while retaining your entire photo library.

Event Details:
·         Presenter: Meza Hsu, Mac Business Solutions’ Systems Engineer
·         Featured Solutions: Apple Mac Pro Server, Mac Mini Server, Mac OSX
·         Who Should Attend: Photographers and Designers

When: Tuesday, April 5th. | 10:00 – 11:30 am
Where: Mac Business Solutions (location)


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