ASMP Photographers Get-together

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Come Tuesday, August 2 for a mid-summer helping of Ideas Over Easy served up with a cup of fresh coffee.

Ideas Over Easy is ASMPDC’s continuing series of informal get-togethers to catch up with one another and talk about issues that everyone shares.

Topic: Staying On Track
Everyone takes care of the urgent to do’s—paying bills, meeting deadlines, delivering jobs. That stuff is easy because the deadline on each of those urgencies is imposed by someone else.

But what about the important tasks that will move the businesses forward? Things like creating the new website, making weekly cold calls, pushing the brand out there via social media. When are the deadlines for all that? And who’s imposing those deadlines?

It’s you! And no one else!!!!!!

ASMP invites you to come talk about what works for you.

Please RSVP to

Tuesday, August 2
9:30am – 11:30am

FotoDC Space
(headquarters of FotoWeekDC)
1838 Columbia Road, NW
Washington, DC 20009




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